November 16

What Is The Purpose Of This Site?

Tony Barrett

I’ve been at this entrepreneurial thing for more than 2 years now, with the goal of achieving financial freedom.

I’m not there yet.

I won’t lie to you - when I started, I thought I’d be there well before now.

A Bit Of Background

You see, prior to building my own business, I’d already spent a lot of time doing business online.

I was first introduced to online marketing in 2007, when I joined one of Australia’s premier online businesses, SEEK.

At one point I had a marketing team reporting to me there that was spending several million dollars a year on paid advertising, so I had to learn a bit about it.

Then in 2015 I joined Flippa, which is a leading marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Sort of like eBay for websites and domain names.


Screenshot of Flippa homepage

In that role I spent a lot of time understanding the different types of businesses that we were selling, as well talking to business owners, investors, industry experts and going to conferences about online business.

I learned a hell of a lot there too, about the different types of online businesses and how they work.

That was also what inspired me to believe I could do it myself.

With that background, I thought I’d nail it in record time.

It's Harder Than It Looks...

Turns out that building your own online business is fairly simple in theory, but fucking hard in practice.

In the past two years I’ve had a go at no less than 10 different businesses. I’ve done consulting, ecommerce and local lead generation, some of them multiple times.

I’ve spent more money than I care to count on courses, tools and other “shiny objects”.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, a lot of wrong turns, a lot of misjudgements.

Instead of focusing and being consistent, I’ve tried to “shortcut” my way to success with plenty done-for-you and push-button products.

I’ve failed many times.

I’ve experienced a lot of frustration.


Someone (not me) frustrated...

I should make it clear that I’ve also had some success. Two of my businesses have reached six figures in annual revenue… but for various reasons neither is my “forever” business, the one that I can see myself doing long term and achieving financial freedom with.

However, after two years of mistakes, failure, trial & error, frustration and lots of lessons, I believe I’ve now FINALLY found the right path for me.

And it's based entirely on my experience of the past two years.

My New Business

A very smart person once said to me that my perfect customer is probably myself at some point in the past… because I’ve been there, I’ve understood the challenges, the problems, the desires… and I’ve (hopefully) solved them.

So the business I’m building is the one I wish had been available to me two years ago.

I will help people that are new to the online business world, to find the business model that best suits them personally, and then to build that business.

It will be a transformation business*, in that I will help people transform from where they are now to where they want to go.

I believe that the combination of my business background, long term exposure to a range of online business models, and in-the-trenches experience, puts me in a relatively unique position to understand the broad online business space.

And from that I’ve drawn four conclusions:

Conclusion 1: You don't need any particular background to be successful with an online business; with the right MINDSET and clear guidance you can do it no matter your previous experience

Conclusion 2: Every one of the major online business models (ecommerce, freelancing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc) WILL work for the right person, but you'll drastically improve your chances of success if you can choose the one that is best suited to your personal strengths, skills, budget and timeframe

Conclusion 3: Because of my specific experience, I think I'm uniquely qualified to help people make that decision

Conclusion 4: If I made all those mistakes and wasted all that time and money, then there must be plenty of people out there that have done the same - or are at risk of doing the same - and could use the help

I think some people get lucky and stumble on to a model that works for them early in their journey.

They're often the ones who then turn around and start promoting whatever model worked for them as the way for everyone to make a million dollars online by next Tuesday. Maybe they even believe it.


Gary Guru says you can make this much too...

But in my experience most don't get so lucky.

I certainly didn’t.

NOW I have clarity, but my first 18 months was unbelievably messy, mistake-ridden... and expensive.

I think many people in my shoes would've given up either because they ran out of money, or they got disillusioned with the whole thing. I was lucky that I'd started in a relatively strong financial position, and I'd spent the last three years of my corporate career working with people who HAD been successful in this space and I'd seen with my own eyes what is possible, which gave me the means and the belief to keep going.

Most others aren't that lucky either.

Bottom line: most people aren't lucky enough to stumble on to the model that works for them early, and aren't lucky enough to have the motivation, belief and financial means to push through when they don't find the right model early...

... so they end up giving up on their dream before they make it.

My mission is to help as many of those people as I can find the right path for them before it's too late.

How It Will Work...

At this point I don’t feel qualified personally to teach ecommerce, or affiliate marketing, or network marketing, or any of the models that you might jump into.

I HAVE tried several of those models, and I've been successful with some of them too, but I don't yet see myself as an expert in any of them.

At least not to the level that I would feel comfortable teaching them.

I know there are others out there who, in a similar position, would just go for it and make it up as they went along. Fake it 'till they make it.

Which might be fine in some circumstances, but not when you're taking people's money on the promise of an outcome that you don't know that you can deliver, and may not have even achieved yourself. In my book, that's dishonest and lacking in integrity.

If I promise you something, you can be fucking certain that I know what I'm talking about, and that I'm ready, willing and ABLE to do deliver on it. To overdeliver, in fact.

So... to that end, I have started several businesses and have taken two of them to six figures, using different models, so I believe that I have a very good handle on the fundamentals of online business.

My career background in strategy and online business management helps a lot in that space too.

AND I’ve been around long enough and have spent enough time and money on courses, to have a good idea of who are the best teachers and bona fide experts in a number of different areas.

So my plan is to initially monetise using affiliate marketing. I’ll help people decide which path makes most sense for them, and then point them to the right course / program / teacher / mentor who IS well qualified to help them.


Helping people find the right path

Using affiliate marketing will also give me specific experience with that model, which will add to my breadth of knowledge and experience.

A little more...

Initially I’ll just help as many people as I can directly. In person.

Then over time I hope to use the knowledge and experience I gain from doing that to develop my own course and coaching products around that initial decision that people have to make, and creating a foundation for success no matter which model or path they choose… and that will continue to support them as much as possible as they continue on that journey.

It might take time to get all the way there, but I’m up for that. It will be worth it in the end.

Back To The Purpose Of This Site...

So while I haven’t achieved my goals yet… the point of this site isn’t to preach to you from my penthouse.

It’s to share my journey as I build my new business.

It's also to share the many lessons that I've learned to date, and the many more lessons that I'm yet to learn.

If you're just starting out, or you’re thinking of starting, or even if you've been at it for a while without any real success… then follow along.

I'm sure there will be a lot here that will help you on your own journey, and if that saves you time and/or money on your own path to financial freedom, then my mission will be fulfilled.

THAT’s what this site is all about.

* Credit to Josh Stanton from Screw The 9 to 5 for this description


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