October 30

Welcome to Middle Aged Entrepreneur!

Tony Barrett


Welcome To Middle Aged Entrepreneur!

Who am I?

My name is Tony Barrett.

I’m sure you know what an entrepreneur is, but if you’re wondering what “middle aged” means… well I was born in 1973.

Which means that as of October 2020, when I’m writing this, I’m 47 years old.

I can remember (in no particular order) the Jackson Five, Ronald Reagan, Pacman, John Lennon’s death, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charles & Diana’s wedding, the Falklands War, Band Aid, Chernobyl, Donkey Kong, the Challenger disaster, Lockerbie, the fall of the Berlin Wall…

And Lionel Richie singing ‘All Night Long’ at the closing ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympics! 🙂

That was a great closing ceremony.

I remember life before the internet, before mobile phones (let alone smartphones) and before CDs/DVDs (let alone streaming services).

I love a good Dad joke, which you’ll soon come to realise if you keep reading my stuff…

Even better if I can use said Dad joke to embarrass my teenage kids.

In fact I consider it my solemn duty to embarrass them at every possible opportunity.

I’ve been around the block a few times.

I’m also an entrepreneur…

But not a lifelong one.

After 20 years in the corporate world, I began my entrepreneurial adventure in 2018… at the ripe old age of 45.

Hence… Middle Aged Entrepreneur!

What Is This Site About?

My goal with this site is to document my continuing entrepreneurial journey, and also provide useful information, advice and resources that have helped me on that journey…

And that can hopefully help others on theirs.

In the process I hope I can inspire a few other ‘experienced’ people, who may have dreamed of giving entrepreneurship a shot, to actually do it.

Because, unfortunately, entrepreneurship is often portrayed as a young person’s game.

Zuckerberg in his dorm room, Jobs in his garage, Blakely in her living room… and all barely out of high school.

I KNOW some of you see that and think that if you haven’t done it by the time you’re 30, it’s too late.

Even those who say it’s not too late throw up examples like Colonel Harlan Sanders, who founded KFC at the age of 62. Or Sam Walton, who opened the first Walmart store at the age of 44.

Yes, they did it… but they were also exceptionally talented and driven individuals.

I doubt I could do what they did.

And the truth is even if I had the idea, the talent, the capability, the funding… I wouldn’t WANT to do it.

I don’t want to found and run a VC-funded business. Investors, shareholders, directors, employees, competitors, 80+ hour weeks, intense pressure…

Is that how I’d want to spend my 50s, even if I could?

Fuck, no.

That’s almost as bad as working a 9-5 job that I hate, just to pay the bills.

Well, the good news is that I don’t have to do either of those things… and neither do you!

What Sanders, Walton, Zuckerberg, Jobs, Blakely, Gates, Bezos, Huffington, et al have done is only ONE type of entrepreneurship.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about building a simple online business that can provide you with the level of income you want… without needing a job.

I’m talking not about founding the next Facebook, but about building multiple safe, secure streams of income through what some might call “solopreneurship”.

I’m talking about giving yourself the OPPORTUNITY to work fewer hours and enjoy life… OR to double down and build a 7 or even 8 figure business. Your choice.

I’m talking about achieving financial freedom.

And living life on your terms, not chained to a desk (or a VC deal).

I won’t tell you it’s easy to do. It’s not.

But it’s probably not as hard… or as risky… as you think either.

I’ve seen people over 30, over 40, over 50 make it happen, many times.

And now I’m doing it myself, in my mid-late 40s.

I’m not quite where I want to be, yet… but I’m well and truly on the way.

I know I’ll get there.

I can clearly see the path ahead of me.

I just have to execute consistently enough for long enough.

That doesn’t mean I won’t make more mistakes or fail again – I will – but that is part of being an entrepreneur.

They’re merely pitstops on my journey to where I want to be.

And that’s what this site is about… documenting my journey as I do it.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’ve gotten to where I am the hard way. Lots of failures, mistakes, trial & error, false starts.

But with the right guidance – which I’ll provide directly when I can, and refer you to the best experts in their fields when I can’t – you can do it a lot more easily than I have!

What Can You Expect From Me?

Over the coming weeks, months and years I’ll build this site into an information hub, chock full of posts, articles, updates, reviews, resources and other information that I know can help you – the aspiring entrepreneur – achieve the success you so dearly want.

Exactly the stuff that I wish I had access to a couple of years ago, when I started.

I’m also planning to use social media to get my content and my message out there.

Facebook and Youtube initially, then others over time as well.

In fact that will be the best way to keep up to date, so please go ahead and follow me on whatever platform you prefer… you should have no trouble finding the links on the site!

So… if you’re under 30 and want to be an entrepreneur, good on you! You’re very welcome here, and I’m confident you’ll find real value.

But if you’re over 30, and you’re an entrepreneur or you want to be one, then you’re the person I had in mind when I created this site.

This is for you.


And you’re welcome.


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