January 21

The #1 Hidden Online Business Killer

Tony Barrett


Want to crush your budding online business dreams?

Easy: over-complicate.

It's one of the surest ways I know to frustrate success and drive your new online business into the ground.

I should know.

I am the consummate over-complicator.

Half my corporate career was spent as a lawyer… the other half in corporate strategy for big businesses… and the other half in actually running multi-million dollar businesses.

(Yes I know that’s three halves… sometimes it feels like I spent more than a single career span in the corporate world!)

Those areas are, by their nature, complex.

I have also always been one to “keep my options open”, which means I have trouble letting things go.

AND I’m susceptible to FOMO… I’m more likely to join something new than to turn my back and focus on what I already have.

All of which adds up to a chronic tendency to over-complicate.

Which is a HUUUUGE trap when you’re trying to build an online business.

Online Business Is Actually Simple

When you really boil it down… businesses really need just three things:

1/ Something to sell

2/ A way to sell it (ie. to convince people to buy and take their payment)

3/ A way to find customers to sell to

That’s it. You have those three things, you have a business.

Take a bakery as an example.

You may have a range of breads, cakes, pastries and the like to sell.

That’s #1.

You may have a retail store where people can walk in, inspect the goods, and speak to someone if they have any questions.

You may also have paper bags to put the pastries in, and a cash register and credit card machine to take payments.

That’s #2.

Finally, your store may be in a shopping centre or busy street, so you attract people by putting delicious delicacies in your window.


Now THIS is how you attract customers!!

You may also use signs on the street, local newspaper advertising, yellow pages and a range of other ways to get people in the door.

That’s #3.

And that’s a business.

Wait a minute Tony, you might say…

What about product development, manufacturing, inventory, fulfilment, finance, people management, strategy, etc, etc…

Yes those are all important… especially for bigger established businesses…

But they generally fall into one of two buckets...

They are either part of “something to sell” (product development, manufacturing, logistics, fulfilment, etc)...

Or they are what I call enablers (finance, people management, strategy, etc).

You can have all of those things, but if you can’t find a customer and sell something to them… then you don’t have a business.

Online businesses are no different… it’s just the same principles applying in an online context.

Whether it’s a physical product, a digital product or a service.

Keeping Your Online Business Even Simpler

Looking at online business through this lens helps to narrow your focus to what matters.

But if you’re like me… you can still find a way to over-complicate it.

Specifically, the multiplication trap.

You get excited about multiple things to sell, multiple ways to sell them, multiple places to find people to sell them to…

And before you know it your to do list takes half the day just to read...

And there are things on it that have as much chance of getting done as I do of starring in a shampoo commercial.


My to do list (summary version!)...

You're literally drowning in overwhelm.

The secret is to start with ONE.

ONE thing to sell.

ONE way of selling it.

ONE way to find customers to sell it to.

Choose well, focus, and make it work.

And once you’ve made it work… THEN you can start adding new products, offers, sales processes and marketing channels.

But make your ONE way work first.

Keeping Your Online Business Even Simplerer(er)

Here’s another secret… you can make it even simpler than that.

Of the three things, the one people often get most caught up in is “something to sell”.

You can spend a LONG time developing an information product… or designing, manufacturing and sourcing a physical product… or packaging a service to sell.

Then once you are up and running, you might spend even longer on things like fulfilment, customer service and client/supplier management.

But if you’re an affiliate marketer… that is all done for you.

affiliate-marketing-online business

No product, no logistics, no fulfilment, no customer service, no client management... no worries!

As an affiliate marketer you have an extra unfair 'simplicity advantage'.

“Something to sell” in affiliate marketing means finding a good product…

Identifying a target market that wants that product…

And packaging the product up into an “offer” that is compelling to that market.


If you sell your own products or services you still have to do all that...

As well as actually create your product or service...

And then deliver it...

Manage your customers or clients…

And if you're selling physical products... well, don't get me started on supplier issues, logistics, returns and more.

But in affiliate marketing, the product owner handles ALL that.

Which means you can fully focus on the marketing and sales.

And that is GOLD.


It keeps things simple, of course.

But even more than that…

The marketing and sales skills you’ll learn / develop / practice are fundamental to the success of any business.

You’ll have money skills for LIFE.

Which means that whatever you want to do later on…

Promote different products… provide services… create or develop your own product…

You will be FAR more likely to be successful because you’ll know how to market and sell it.


You’re welcome.

All of which is why I think affiliate marketing is a brilliant way for many people to get started in online business.

Putting This Into Practice

So how am I applying this to my new business?

Well… as I said earlier, I’m a chronic over-complicator.

Which means that so far I’ve been playing around with multiple products, multiple ways of selling and multiple channels to market.

And to be honest, it’s gotten overwhelming.

So it’s time to simplify.

I’m focusing on high ticket affiliate marketing, and my core product is the Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA).

high-ticket-affiliate-marketing-online business

The BEST high ticket affiliate marketing program on the internet...

I explained above why I think affiliate marketing is a great option for many people who have not yet been successful with online business.

And in my opinion this is the best training for new affiliate marketers there is.

I have also defined who I’m trying to target with it... and have created an offer around it that I think is compelling for that market.

My way of selling is 1:1 via Messenger.

I get into conversations with prospects, assess whether they’d be a good fit for SAA, and if so I offer it to them.

My way of finding those people is on Facebook, using organic marketing tactics.

I’ve chosen Facebook as my preferred platform because I believe that it is the place I am most likely to find people who are in my target audience.

Facebook is also structured in such a way, and has a number of tools, that make it easier to find and contact those people.

Because I’ve chosen to go organic I’m not using Facebook ads, but I’m very active on the platform in seeking out people I can potentially help.

And that’s it.

That’s about as simple as I can get it.

ONE offer.

ONE way of selling it.

ONE channel to market.

Each carefully chosen… and congruent with each other.

My goal now is to make that single “funnel” work… or if I can’t… to adjust it until I find something that WILL work for me.

Only THEN will I look to layer in additional offers, sales processes and channels to market.

And of course if you want to see all the details of how I’m doing it, you can do so in my Facebook Group.

You Know I Couldn’t Finish Without This Bit…

So if you have ambitions of achieving financial freedom with an online business…

Or you have been trying already but have been struggling to make it work…

I have the PERFECT solution… that will give you the knowledge, tools and motivation to finally create a successful online business.

Get in touch.

It could change your life.


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