February 13

Dotcom Secrets Review

Tony Barrett


Ya gotta be impressed by Russell Brunson.

Most would know him as the co-founder and public face of ClickFunnels, long the industry-standard software for building online sales funnels.

(Note: “industry-standard” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. I’m sure many out there would argue that point. But it’s undoubtedly the most well-known and most popular.)

He’s also been a world-class marketer, podcaster and presenter for a long time.

Dotcom Secrets is his first book, and in his words it is about “transform(ing) your business and your website from a flat, two-dimensional company into the three-dimensional sales and marketing machine that allows you to outspend your competitors, acquire an almost unlimited number of new customers, make (and keep) more money, and most importantly, serve more people.

dotcom secrets-russell brunson

If that sounds like infomercial-style hyperbole to you, allow me to translate…

It’s about sales funnels.

Specifically, it’s about the theory and practice of creating online sales funnels… using Russell’s software of course.

If that sounds cynical, it is… to some extent.

It’s cynicism mixed with a heavy dose of admiration.

Because at the end of the day, Dotcom Secrets is a well-articulated, entertaining, informative and enormously useful overview of modern online marketing.

Brunson is a master story-teller with a very good ability to clearly explain concepts and frameworks.

I’ve been around the online marketing space for a few years now, and the principles that Brunson articulates so clearly in Dotcom Secrets are used by EVERY ONE of the most successful and well known marketers.

In other words, it’s a masterclass in modern online marketing.

It was written a few years ago now... but was updated for 2020 so still modern and still very relevant.

russell brunson-dotcom secrets-2020


Dotcom Secrets should be required reading for anyone who wants to make six figures online.

In other words, every online marketer and business owner.

You could find some other way of learning, understanding and implementing the concepts in it… but if I were you, I’d just read this book.

Much quicker, easier and more efficient.


The book is divided into 4 sections.

Section 1: Sales Funnel Secrets

This section covers the core concepts. What are funnels? How do you structure them? What are the core elements?

At the core of the book is the idea, attributed to Dan Kennedy, that “the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins”.

A funnel, at its core, is a structure designed to maximise the value of a customer… and thereby allow you to spend more to acquire that customer and still remain profitable.

Brunson walks us through the math at the beginning of the book.

He then goes on to introduce and explain a series of core concepts that are fundamental to funnels generally and Brunson’s model specifically, including:

  • The Secret Formula: four simple questions that serve as a framework and guide for your funnels (and marketing generally)
  • Hook, Story, Offer: Brunson's go-to formula for communicating what he's selling and "hooking" his customers in
  • The Value Ladder: a visual map of the offers you can make to your customer, in ascending order of price
  • The Attractive Character: managing your public persona as someone that your prospects know, like and trust
  • Funnel Hacking: reviewing at your competitors’ funnels and modelling (NOT copying) what works
  • The 7 Phases of a Funnel: the seven key phases that any good funnel should take a prospect through
  • Follow-Up Funnels: this is the term Brunson uses to describe email marketing, which is a critical part of maximising customer value. He goes into some detail about his approach to email marketing and why it is important. IMO this is one of the most valuable parts of the book

Section 2: The Funnels In The Value Ladder

This section reviews the main different types of funnels and when you might want to use them.

Brunson describes four different ‘categories’ - front-end lead funnels, unboxing funnels, presentation funnels and back-end phone funnels - and the different types of funnels in each category. In all, he goes through 10 different types of funnels.

dotcom secrets-russell brunson

He explains the psychology behind them, and how they should be used for products and services of different types and values.

Section 3: Funnel Scripts

This section outlines a series of copy scripts that can be used for each category of funnel.

Section 4: Building Your Funnels

This section covers how to use Brunson’s funnel-building software, ClickFunnels, as well as the concepts of “funnel stacking” (leading prospects directly from one funnel to the next) and “funnel audibles” (basically getting your funnel live as quickly as possible and then adjusting it based on data and feedback).


The content is exceptional. This is the best overview of what you need to earn six figures online that I have ever read. If you want to be successful online, you need to read this.

It also explains those frameworks and core concepts very clearly. Brunson is a very good teacher, and has an ability to explain high level concepts.

dotcom secrets-russell brunson

The writing style is engaging. If you’ve seen Brunson present either on stage or online, you’ll know that he has a high energy style and a gift for story-telling. These attributes come out in his writing as well, and make for an engaging, entertaining and easy read.


The only thing I don’t really like is that the whole thing is a little bit of an infomercial for ClickFunnels.

However, in my opinion that doesn’t diminish the book’s value much, if at all.

Although funnels are not the ONLY way to sell products and services online, they are undoubtedly the most common and most successful.

And while ClickFunnels is not the ONLY software you can use to build such funnels, as mentioned before it is the industry standard.

So the definitive guide to building funnels… using ClickFunnels to do it… is pretty useful.


If you’re planning to be successful online and you haven’t read this… stop whatever you’re doing and read it.

No, seriously, do it now.

EVERY online marketer and business owner should read this book.

It is probably the best books on the overall framework and general principles of modern online marketing that I have ever read.

It is well thought out, clearly structured and told using Brunson’s signature story-telling style.

Even though it was originally published in 2015, it has since been updated several times and remains extremely relevant in 2021.


You can get the book itself for FREE, you’ll just need to pay shipping ($9.95 in the US, $19.95 internationally).

You can pick it up HERE.

Oh and of course if you do buy it, Brunson will then try to sell you a bunch of other stuff. But surely you wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the world’s best marketers??

dotcom secrets-russell brunson


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